Unseen Battles

In my family, a lot of my value as a woman was placed on my virginity.  When I turned 21, I was raped by a friend. Imagine my shame and feeling of worthlessness to know that I was soiled and wouldn’t be as valuable to someone someday. 

I spiraled out of control. I went to bars drinking and dating guys that were scumbags, because for those few minutes I was worth something to them, and for those few minutes I felt better because I was actually wanted. After a few attempts at failed relationships, I realized that the pattern of heartbreak stemmed from my feeling unworthy and not viewing myself as a precious individual that has value.

I have been being counseled for about 6 months and there has been a drastic change in my life and my view of myself. The past can stay in the past because I have grown from it and learned that I am worthy to be loved. That I am so much more valuable than I sometimes view myself.

This company showed up on my Pinterest feed a few weeks ago. I read about the company and read some of the stories featured on the page. It was so incredibly encouraging to see that there are others like me who fight everyday to win battles that few people see or know.  All that to say, keep fighting the good fight! You are worthy to be loved!