Super Woman

You always wanted to be considered Super Woman. Growing up you hardened yourself, you took pride in the fact that you never cried when things got tough. You taught yourself to put out your hand for a handshake when someone wanted a hug. You thought that in order to be respected and tough you had to be cold. You went through the world with a stone faced façade because you viewed your sensitivity as a weakness. Only in the dark would you cry. Only in silence would you experience heartbreak. But then it got too hard. It became a struggle to hide how delicate you are and how much you hated the distance between you and the people you adored. You became angry and bitter and something that you didn’t recognize.

So, you decided to start making a change. Now you cry in public and give hugs, even though they are still hesitant and awkward and take people by surprise. And you’re making connections and being transparent about your feelings. Because you can be Super Woman and let people get close to you. You can be independent and strong and gentle and caring. You don’t have to be one or the other. You don’t have to pick a side. This isn’t high school gym class. Life isn’t black and white. Life is full of grey areas and that’s okay. You can live in that grey area if it means that you are the truest version of yourself.

You are not weak because you feel things. It is brave to breakdown. It is brave to connect. It is brave to let yourself be loved.

Written and loved on by Tori Partin.