My normally quiet coffee shop is anything but quiet today. Maybe it’s the buzz that always comes with a new season. Maybe the sun and the blue skies serve as an invitation to get out and face the world even if it would be easier to stay in bed. 

It’s loud here. I’m surrounded by people in all stages of life. A little boy who is perfectly content with seeing how many chocolate chips he can pick out of his muffin. His grandpa who is content with watching him do just that. But for everyone here, whether young or old, quiet or loud, there seems to be a common theme surrounding us all… “Pick me. Choose me. See me. Make me feel like I matter to you.

"But isn’t that what we all crave? We all just want to know that it would be different without us. If we didn’t show up- someone would notice. And more than that- someone would miss us. But it’s more comfortable not to go there. That opens up a door to rejection, so we don’t talk about it. We carry on, ignoring the question that lingers like an elephant in the room, and we remain hopeful that we do matter.  

So even when the people around you don’t say this, know it is true- you matter and you always will. You’re needed. This space that you’re standing in would not be the same without you in it. You have impact which runs deeper than you know. You are adored. You need people, and people need you. You are always worth fighting for. You aren’t something to be sorry for. You are okay. You are enough. Always hold on to that.

Written and loved on by Anna Kate Cartwright