I Was Depressed and Hurting Myself

It all started freshman year when for some odd reason, I just wasn’t happy with myself. I really struggled with how I viewed myself. No one knew about it except my boyfriend at the time.

I began struggling with self harm around this time too, making everything so difficult to deal with.

To put a cherry on top of the situation, about a year went by when my boyfriend dumped me and played me back and forth for about 4 months.

I was so scared to tell my mom everything that was going on with me because I was afraid she would hate me.

I continued being with my boyfriend because I thought I “loved” him. He threatened leaving me if I didn’t tell my mom about the depression, so I told her. She told me I didn’t have anything to be “depressed” about. We both fought like crazy for about 3 more months.

She took me to see a therapist, finally. She helped us both through everything. I finally dumped my boyfriend and decided I deserved better than him. I gave myself a new start, and about 3 months later, I met my current boyfriend.

Even after the therapy, I still struggled with my self harm from time to time. Luckily, my current boyfriend had and has done nothing but help me every step of the way through this. Thanks to him for not allowing me to deal with this alone, I am four months clean.

I tell my story to show people that things do get better and you can be happy too.

Written and loved on by Anna Reid

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