I Was A Slave To Significance

I was a slave to significance; at least it was what I thought significance was.

I always felt that significance was earned from others. I would constantly live out any lifestyle that would bring me closer to acceptance. If everyone gossiped, so did I. If everyone drank, so did I.

  • Whatever it took to find significance, I would do it.

It was like I had the mentality similar to a theory of existence: You only exist if someone else notices that you exist. You can’t actually prove you exist without someone else confirming that. 

Therefore, I can only be significant if someone else tells me so, thus making me matter.

With that said, I became a slave to everyone I came in contact with.

Thanks to the help of So Worth Loving, I have found my significance, and it was right under my nose the whole time. 

I am unique. I have talent and gifts. I am intricately made. I am the only one that looks like me. 

I am significant before anyone else notices it.

I am free from enslavement. 

To the heart that this speaks to: Don’t let the want for significance keep you captured from seeing what you have to offer to the world. Get rid of the want because you already have it, and you have a lot of it. 

We are not for sale. We are so worth loving.

Written and loved on by our very own blog editor: Karlye Hayes