Rest Here

By: Courtney Walters 

Rest here.

I promise that if you need to rest here, in the swoops and gentle rises of my syllables, it will be okay. I will be here, steady and strong, to hold you.

I promise that resting here will be good. Pushing yourself to limits is growing and stretching but sometimes friend, you need to take a moment. Remind yourself that you are human. That your body does get tired and your mind does too. Remind yourself that you are worth a breath and moment to yourself.

So rest here.

Put on your favorite slow jams and make yourself a cup of warm tea. Fall into the lull of the harmony and sink into the steamy liquid in your mug.

If you’re finding it hard, that’s okay. It’s okay to have off days and to find it difficult to celebrate yourself. I know that it can be hard, but I also know that we need to think of the little victories. You got out of bed. You brushed your teeth. You’re reading these words. Celebrate that.

If you’re finding it hard, then this is for you. Put your hand on your chest. Feel the pulsing beat of your heart and name that for what it is: purpose. Every single time your heart pumps against your ribcage is a reminder to keep going. Listen closely to your heartbeat and you can hear it whispering. Worthy. Worthy. Worthy.

Rest here. Take a minute to cheer yourself on and get your breath back. You are so worth loving, take care of yourself babycakes. I believe in you.