Be Kind

By: Mackenzie Thompson

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

The world doesn’t show us enough on how to be kind or how to love others. Instead we separate ourselves in groups and divide ourselves among others. We side with republicans or democrats, or pro-choice or pro-life, or black lives matter or all lives matter, or gay marriage, or this and that. We spend effort finding things to pick a side on or not be united on anything. We follow others on what to do.

We go with the flow and pick sides with everyone else because we are told being different is costly to our social standard. We hide ourselves in fear because of what we think the world might tell us. It tells us hatred should be on our mind and our interest should be in ourselves.

I think we are called to a much bigger standard than that. I think we are called to love. I think we should throw the fear out the window and choose to be different. We all hold the aspect to influence others. With our way with words and our actions, it tells people a story. I think our words and actions should show love and generosity and encouragement and unity.

Let your story be harmony with others. Don’t care so much about people pleasing or letting the popularity contest define you, that it gets in the way of who you are. Show this world that the things it makes important is not what define us or what we should make our life about. Like money or our clothes or what our parents job is or how many friends we have. Envy of others isn’t going to get us anywhere. We waste our time sitting, being jealous of someone when we should be dancing in our flaws because that’s what makes us different.

We are diverse people, called to be linked together. Choose to be kind. Choose to love others. Don’t insist that you follow everyone else’s lead, make your own lead.