Love You. Love People.


Our motto at SWL is, “Love you. Love people.”

Even though we cherish that phrase and try to exert that message through all of our clothing and quotes, we wanted to go a step further in sharing this message with all of you and your friends by starting a campaign with this motto on the forefront. 

It all starts with loving yourself. 

This doesn’t mean just taking a selfie or telling someone that you love yourself, it’s that moment when you look into the mirror when no one is watching; that moment when you can see everything from what’s hidden behind your make-up or what’s hidden behind your long sleeves in the summertime. 

We have to learn to embrace ourselves in the loneliest of times.

  • When you’re home, at a park, at school, or anywhere else alone, what do you think of first? 

Do you think of all of the fun and better lifestyles everyone else has because they aren’t by themselves, check social networks to see the lives people want to portray to make themselves look cooler, or even call that one person that you know will comfort you even though it’s wrong and you shouldn’t go down that road again?

Where do you want to be when you’re alone?

Well during this first part of our campaign, we hope that the answer will be with yourself by the end. 

It’s time to fall in love with you. 

Love you.