Natalie’s How-To: Rib Cage Cut-Out

Does anyone else have a collection of t-shirts laying around in their room? I know I do. Realizing that they’re all so similar, I decided that we should spice some up for this month!

The design is refered to as the rib cage cut-out.  It’s fun, edgy, and easy to make!

Since I love to use products that are simple, easy, and that you can find at home; I drew on and cut my shirt with some simple tools. If you feel like you’d like a stencil of the rib cage, you can pick one up at Joanne Fabrics or search any store dedicated to crafts that close (there are also some stencils you can find online).

Things You’ll Need:

  • sharp scissors
  • washable marker or pen
  • hard, flat surface
  • a piece of cardboard, cardboard or poster board
  • exacto knife
  • t-shirt (or long sleeve t-shirt) to cut

Optional Items:

  • masking or packaging tape
  • rib cage stencil

Another Suggestion: I had a picture of a shirt that I would glance at to make sure I was following the design that I liked. There are many different style’s of rib cage cut-out designs that you can fashion yours after, I chose the one that I liked best and followed a similar cut. So if you decide to cut yours without a stencil, I would suggest just keeping an eye on a picture of a style that you are going.

  1. To start, turn your shirt inside out and place a piece of cardboard or poster board (I used cork board) between the front and back layers of the shirt. I chose to cut my design in the back but feel free to try the design in the front as well!
  2. Next, you’ll want to draw on the design that you’re going to cut. For this part, you can use your stencil or just follow a similar pattern that you like. In this step, some people like to place tape on their shirts over where they are drawing the skeleton design. Covering the whole back of the shirt with tape, and then drawing on the design can help with cutting the shirt a little easier- but it’s just an option.
  3. Once your design is drawn on your shirt, take your exacto knife and cut a little slit on each rib outline. This step just helps get an area started that your scissors can cut into and cut out the “holes” or ribs in your shirt.
  4. You’re going use each small opening from the exacto knife and cut each rib out with your scissors! If you used tape, you can remove it, and Viola! All finished!

**If you’d like to put a SWL twist on your rib cage, you can try cutting hearts or diamonds down the middle (or between) the ribs where the vertebra of your spine would be! I added a small heart at the top and a diamond at the bottom of mine. icon smile Natalies How To: Rib Cage Cut Out Feel free to play around with those designs on your shirt!

We would love to hear back on how your shirts turned out! Let us know how it went and show us your beautiful shirts!

Happy Holidays, loves. icon smile Natalies How To: Rib Cage Cut Out


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