From My Studio Apartment: A Solo Sunday Mornin'

By: Kennedy Roberts

I still remember how soft my Lion King Pajamas were as I scampered into my parent’s dark bedroom on Sunday mornings, to pull their eyelids open and beg that they make me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

This has always been one of my favorite childhood memories, and subsequently one of the hardest to let go of now that I’m twenty-one and living alone in a studio apartment, about 300 miles from home. (It would be a relatively bizarre sight to see me, at 5’11” running into my parent’s bedroom, but no doubt something I still do during the holidays).

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy some of these little things that gave me so much joy as a kid, now that I’m ‘trying’ to be an adult. So on the weekend mornings that I wake up, less than excited to take on the day (likely filled with solo grocery shopping and catching up on personal emails), I make my morning into the perfect self-care sesh, inspired by my favorite memories.

Here’s How:

1. First stop, nostalgic TV shows. Some of my favorite memories with my Mom and sister took place when we snuggled in my Mom’s bed to watch Gilmore Girls. So the perfect place to start my day is in my warm bed, with a few throwback episodes of my favorite show. This gives me extra time to fit in the rest that my body needs and wrap my mind around my plans for the day.

2. On to the food. For the longest time when I moved in by myself I saw no reason to cook a meal (especially breakfast) just for myself, so instead I would just grab a granola bar and move on with my day. But I’ve learned that the best cure for Sunday Morning blues, is to treat my routine like I’m not alone. Or to take care of myself like I would take care of someone else; I make myself those pancakes and French-press myself some coffee or at the very least make a fruit salad. (And Pro-Tip: Google search ‘single serve recipe’, and let someone else do the work of reducing the recipe).

3. In the words of Selena Gomez, I just wanna look good for ya. In this case, you should want to look good for yourself. Admittedly, some Sundays I don’t really leave my apartment. We all need days to recharge our batteries. But I never feel less rested than when I lie around in my PJ’s all day watching reruns of The Carries Diaries. So, even when I don’t want to, I try to make sure I’m at least showered and changed into fresh pajamas by noon. Even if this is the only productive thing I do that day, it’s refreshing to take care of yourself (only for yourself).

4. Take yourself on a date. My Sundays got a whole lot better when I stopped waiting around for someone to take me out, and got into the routine of going somewhere I enjoyed. For me this is usually a trip to church, a good reason to get out, take in some sunshine and reflect on my week. But some other great suggestions are check out a farmer’s market, go for a walk at a cool park, or even just hit up a coffee shop with a good book.

At the end of the day some of these tips for a great solo Sunday morning might feel more like chores than self-care to you, and that’s okay. What I’m really saying is that even when you’re alone, or missing family––you deserve the love you give to other people.

Learning to be alone (in any capacity) is all about figuring out how you can best give that love to yourself when no one is watching; and there is no better time to practice that than on the weekend.