Resolutions: How to Better Yourself While Giving Yourself Grace

By: Hannah Shlapak

One of the best things about the beginning of a brand new year is the opportunity to establish other new beginnings for yourself. It is a season of change, full of bright and hopeful futures and plans to establish. However, it is important to remember a few things when creating goals for yourself, whether you’re committing to follow a specific fitness plan or break a certain habit. I have compiled a list of things to look out for and remind yourself of during this exciting but challenging time:

Remember: resolutions are good for you, but they shouldn’t control your happiness.

It is so easy to fall into the mindset that you can only be happy when you are attempting to achieve a certain goal. Remember that you choose to be happy of your own account. That goal you’re attempting to reach or attain isn’t the sole purpose of your existence and it is not the source of your happiness. Take a break and calm your mind if you begin to feel that you are placing your happiness too much on how well you are progressing at achieving your goals. It’s okay to feel a little sad or frustrated at setbacks, but don’t let those obstacles control the way you feel.

Don’t beat yourself up over setbacks or mistakes.

Hey there, fellow human! We are all extremely susceptible to failures every now and then. But that’s the thing about being human: we learn to embrace the mistakes and setbacks and we grow because of them. Don’t beat yourself up over something that you can take the opportunity to learn from and fully experience.

Embrace every part of yourself (mentally and physically) during this time.

Look at you! You set goals for yourself and you are wonderful! Make sure to remember what a fantastic and accomplished person you are because you took the time to find a way to make yourself an even more fantastic person (if it’s even possible to be more fantastic).

Set your goals high, but only as high as you can reach.

It’s always good to push yourself to do your best, but it is also extremely important to be reasonable. If you push yourself too hard you are going to wear yourself out and failures may become abundant. Always challenge yourself, but in a healthy way, so you can experience solid progress at a comfortable pace and achieve the absolute best end results.

Remember that you are a GROWING human being.

In this life, every single day, we experience and/or learn something new. We are consistently growing and changing, even if we may feel that we are the same. If you set a goal for yourself during the New Year that requires quick growth, remember that we all grow at our own pace. Just as you can’t force a plant to grow at a certain pace, you must be patient with yourself as you grow and change. Be happy during those times of waiting! You are doing so well and success will soon come in one way or another.

Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished.

Never be ashamed if the going seems slow for you. Think of the progress you have already made and the exciting journey ahead of you. Remind yourself of the reason you set the goal in the first place and keep going! Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back every once and awhile.

So here’s to two-thousand seventeen. I believe in each and every one of us and I know that many great things await.