Love’s Identity

Brittney Stevens // @pineapplefroyo

We have a lot of are’s attached to us. Think about it.

We are humans. We are students. We are siblings. We are parents. We are workers....and I’m certain we can both add more to the list.

One thing, though, that supersedes any title we can give ourselves is loved.

As in: We are loved.

If you think about it - or Google it, like I did - you may realize that the word “are” is a conjugation of our English verb “be” or the infinitive “to be.”

The definition of the word “be” is as follows:  to have identity with [something].

So the sentence “You are loved” means that you have identity in/with love.

Or in other words, Love is a part of your identity.

You know what that means, right?

Along with your name, your personality, your status, and anything else you identify yourself with, Loved is one of them.

Yes, this applies to you, sweet friend.

You are loved.

A label, a title, a birthright that outlasts any thing and any situation that can be thrown at you.  

You are proof that extraordinary things still walk the Earth, because love - the most powerful force in the world - abides within you.

That’s something you live with everyday.

That dwells in the core of your being.

Something that no thing can ever, ever

take away from you.

 Brittney Stevens

Brittney Stevens