Where the Light Shines Through

By: Gabi Ram // @joyisyourbirthmark

Sometimes it seems that you can love other people so much you forget to love yourself. And sometimes to truly love others you have to love yourself.  Learning to love others through your personal hardest times can be a hard lesson and action to comprehend and take action in. Our personal wounds and scars are where the light shines through. It doesn’t feel like it in the moment, but these are the things that truly make us who we are for the tragic events to come.

The wound or scar in our lives could be damaging relationships from the past, bad decisions, a more tragic loss, or even a rough childhood with the setting and background you were given. No matter what, these pressing events are what helps make you who you are. I believe it makes you stronger. It gives you characteristics that you may have not been able to get from just a simple lesson walking down the street. Over time, you have learned to fight the war that rages on within you. Throughout these times, you have either really sunk deep, or held your head up high and had more wishful thinking. Whether you are thinking of a certain time or are in that moment right now. This is the wound. This is the scar, and at the end of it all, the light shines through you.

So as a personal encouragement to whatever bad time or day you may be going through, Jon Foreman, the lead singer from the band Switchfoot writes a truly amazing song of what could be and what is.

“The wound is where the light shines through; the wound is where the light finds you.”

“And your scars, shine like dark stars, yeah your wound is where the light shines through.” –Switchfoot