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We did it! We reached our goal of $27,000 because of YOU! After 2 months of prep and campaigning we were able to take some time to process your ideas, thoughts, suggestions and apply them. While we are still working on logistics, we can’t wait to share the tid bits along the way!

You filled your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed on why people should back this campaign. With all that is with in us, we can’t tell you HOW THANKFUL we are for your support. We could not have done this with out you. While this is a U.S tour, we had people from all over the world back our campaign. Such as Germany and Canada! Unbelievable and amazing.

Here are some updates: 

- YOUR PERK! Perks are almost complete! We have a few more to fulfill. We have not forgotten about you!! Waiting on a few supplies to come in and they will be shipped and in your home before Christmas!! We have had a few people not receive an email in regards to collecting your size. If you are one of those peeps we want to make sure we take care of that and you!! Email Kurtis at:

- OUR VAN! Goldie Hawn our gold VW van has had her carbs, fuel tank, fuel line, engine coil, and few other items replaced. We are in line to get her fixed at a Volkswagen repair shop. Her wiring is a little sick and needs to be repaired. Almost there!

- HOST A CITY! Want to be our tour guide in your home?! We chose these cities based off where the majority of the donations came in from. We wish we could go to every single state that donated! There will be a day when that will happen! In the mean time contact us on our Tour Site and let us know if you want to help host! Looking for venues in these cities:

  • Athens GA
  • Columbia SC
  • Charleston SC
  • Charlotte NC
  • Asheville NC
  • Louisville KY
  • Nashville TN
  • Birmingham AL
  • Jackson MS
  • Houston TX
  • Austin TX
  • Dallas TX
  • Tulsa OK

*California is pending* our van won’t make it this far we fear but a plane would!

One last thing! We updated our tour site!  


About the Author

Eryn is the founder of So Worth Loving, as well as a recording artist. She loves gold glitter anything, appreciates design, and dances to the music blaring in her car. Her husband taught her about grace and now she wants this whole world to experience it. He sparked a match that turned into a bonfire.

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