Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely by Lysa TerKeurst

Description by: Mallory Ellington

The title drew me in and the tag line sold me. Univited. Less than. Left out. Lonely. I never knew I could identify with a book title, but I did and I knew I had to read it. And I am grateful I did. Lysa is real, she tells it like it is, but is also real about her own life. She invites the reader into her mess and insecurities. We hear about her struggle with her body, her relationships, and her navigating careers. Lysa proves to the reader that she has been there and done that, especially when it comes to rejection. The core of the book is how Lysa looks rejection in the face to say, “you can’t define me, you can’t shape me anymore.”  More importantly, she takes us on the journey with her. She is clear that this book is just as much for her as it is for us and that she is far from done battling her own demons. But Lysa invites (yes, we’re invited!) to join in the fight with her. At this point I do want to say that Lysa seems to be writing more for women, it is indicated by the language she uses and not necessarily the snippet given on the back. But she is trying to write from her own perspective and pain, which lends the book to being more for women at times. Lysa bases her fight against rejection in her Christian faith. She draws truth from the Bible to apply to her life, the lives of her friends, and the readers’ lives. She writes prayers for the reader to pray through, to help peel away layers of pain and hurt that seem too tender to touch. In all of this Lysa wants us to ask ourselves questions, to find our own root of rejection and pain, to name it and say that it can no longer have power over us. She does not want us to live in pain or constant fear of rejection. She is inviting us into a better life and all she asks is that you accept the invitation as you are because who you are is enough.