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I became Blog Editor for SWL in August 2012. It is now the end of 2013 and this incredible organization has absolutely blown up – in the best possible way. It is touching the lives of thousands and SWL apparel is being worn all over the world. The word is well and truly spreading that we are all worthy of love. And thank goodness for that, because how true it is.

Simultaneously, my own life has changed a bit too. I’m now in a job that I love, working hard to develop myself and my career. Unfortunately this means I now have less time to focus on outside interests like blogging. I’m sad to say this has led me to make the difficult decision to step down as Blog Editor.

It didn’t come easily. I adore this community and selfishly wanted to hold on to the position for selfish reasons. But I no longer have the time or energy to put into the blog what it deserves.

I know Eryn has big and beautiful plans for this blog. It’s what she does. She is a dreamer, a visionary and a doer. She will continue to drive SWL forward (literally, next spring!) to spread this message far and wide. This woman is truly a hero and I am so thankful to have worked with her and learned from her. I will forever call her a friend.

I will always be an advocate for SWL and hope to remain connected to all the wonderful people I’ve met in the past 18 months. Thank you for reading and contributing! You have all helped to create an incredible place of conversation, acceptance and fun. The show must go on, and I very much plan to take part. Just in a lesser capacity.

This is not goodbye. Will you stick around too?

We did it! We reached our goal of $27,000 because of YOU! After 2 months of prep and campaigning we were able to take some time to process your ideas, thoughts, suggestions and apply them. While we are still working on logistics, we can’t wait to share the tid bits along the way!

You filled your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed on why people should back this campaign. With all that is with in us, we can’t tell you HOW THANKFUL we are for your support. We could not have done this with out you. While this is a U.S tour, we had people from all over the world back our campaign. Such as Germany and Canada! Unbelievable and amazing.

Here are some updates: 

- YOUR PERK! Perks are almost complete! We have a few more to fulfill. We have not forgotten about you!! Waiting on a few supplies to come in and they will be shipped and in your home before Christmas!! We have had a few people not receive an email in regards to collecting your size. If you are one of those peeps we want to make sure we take care of that and you!! Email Kurtis at: Helpme@SoWorthLoving.com

- OUR VAN! Goldie Hawn our gold VW van has had her carbs, fuel tank, fuel line, engine coil, and few other items replaced. We are in line to get her fixed at a Volkswagen repair shop. Her wiring is a little sick and needs to be repaired. Almost there!

- HOST A CITY! Want to be our tour guide in your home?! We chose these cities based off where the majority of the donations came in from. We wish we could go to every single state that donated! There will be a day when that will happen! In the mean time contact us on our Tour Site and let us know if you want to help host! Looking for venues in these cities:

  • Athens GA
  • Columbia SC
  • Charleston SC
  • Charlotte NC
  • Asheville NC
  • Louisville KY
  • Nashville TN
  • Birmingham AL
  • Jackson MS
  • Houston TX
  • Austin TX
  • Dallas TX
  • Tulsa OK

*California is pending* our van won’t make it this far we fear but a plane would!

One last thing! We updated our tour site!  


A year and a half ago, I sat on a grassy football field surrounded by my fellow classmates. With graduation caps perched on our heads, we listened to the overflowing advice of the keynote speaker, who was rattling off prepared prose about the accomplishments and dreams that the future would hold. We clapped as each name was called and each student shook the hands of the university officials, and we eventually threw our caps into the air with a cheer at the possibility of what tomorrow held for all of us.

When I graduated from college, I imagined that I was headed into a life of a 9 to 5 job, with my own desk to decorate and paycheck to cash. I pictured all the experiences that would come with that: moving into an apartment, going to happy hours with friends, saving a little bit of money, and making even bigger plans. My mind raced over all the things I was going to do in the “adult world.”

But a year after getting my degree, it turns out that I still live with my parents. My 9 to 5 job is searching for jobs. My newest skills include re-designing resumes and writing countless cover letters. My visions of apartment hunting and furniture shopping are on the backburner. It turns out that my big plans are a little harder to reach than I originally envisioned.

It really gets exhausting, applying for new positions every single day and waiting for the ping of an affirmative email in my inbox, a statement that I could be the one they’re looking for. Thinking that the unknown number popping up on my cell phone could be a future employer, instead of a telemarketer. Praying that I’ll stumble across the perfect job posting and will make it through all the hurdles of the applicant process just to hear a simple “you’re hired.”

While I know that my first “adult” job is out there somewhere, and that I’ll find it at the right time, there’s also a part of me that loses hope.

It’s a strange limbo to live in day-to-day. You crave to be independent, but have to rely on your family to buy the groceries. You dream of traveling, but your savings account proves you don’t have the funds to get up and go. You wish for a little taste of growing up and being on your own, but are ultimately unable to put your foot on the gas pedal; your car is stalled in a parking lot and you just have to wait for someone to come along and offer you a jump.

When do you find just what you’ve been searching for? When do all the plans you’ve imagined fall into place and start coming true?

You can’t focus solely on the future. You don’t know what’s in store for you and there’s no way to plot it all out in a precise to-do list. Your path is constantly changing. You have to take each day as it comes.

You have to keep pushing forward with what you can do right now, in the present moments.

The job will be earned. The money will trickle in. The new apartment will be rented. With diligent hard work, the goals you aim to achieve will be checked off of your list, even if they’re not the exact images of what you had in mind.

When you’re feeling particularly low and you’re not sure where to look for hope, remind yourself that the future is full of unknown possibility. That’s the most beautiful part of all the hardships: you never know when the payoffs will be brought to you.

Here’s to all of us finding a little piece of what we’ve always imagined.

The stars are reliable unlike any other thing in this crazy world.

Oh. Goodness.

That’s not a line I can take credit for, I don’t know if I’d ever have the eloquence and the brilliance to string a sentence of syllables like that…ever. Those are the words of Hannah Brencher, and if you don’t know the words of that lovely lady, well, you best fix that right now. I often write about music on here, it’s often the words of brilliant lyricists that get my brain whirling and my heart pumping and sometimes bring tears to the edges of my eyelids. Usually, it’s music.

This time, it was the words of Hannah Brencher.

The stars are reliable unlike any other thing in this crazy world.

I sort of want to shout that from the rooftops.

If I had the courage, perhaps I’d even brand that into my skin…

The stars are reliable unlike any other thing in this crazy world.

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